Kunst am Puls der Zeit 01


Hallo Leute, Hi Folks 

i have decided to poste some  former Work of the Series Existence of Universe vs. Individualty >  in addition to some spoken words and experiences i gained the past years ….

  1. talks about SelfPerception / Abundance …


an essential Insight
inclusive an artwork which has emerged 13 years ago from the series Universe versus Individuality 2002-2004

the FLOW which leads the Direction of our Lives is affected and shaped by our individual Perception …it is influential, as  we got exemplified , the way we
see, feel, love and communicate –  it reflects our being + acting ©petronillahohenwarter

I just show a reflection of the beauty of the beholder > Hi Everyone –  realize the beauty of your presence  and DO not only search for the missing piece in you – this is still often done  these days – see the ” whole picture of your Self „ it is very visible in this painting which has been created many years ago ” – the time is always “perfect ” to change, to switch, to realize and to perform in a way, that it leads you to the essence of your life …….