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SERIES LOVE > my Journey of ” Divine Love ” and how it appeared into my LIFE …  

HI FOLKS – i like to share a few artworks of mine and within a personal story which goes along with –  i never have been telling this publicly…..:) I want to give the Viewer/Reader an Insight about the Artwork and the process and development which relates to me and my artwork …it can be literally seen as an Introduction about the ” Force of divine Love ” how it  transforms someones Life….as it has transformed my life and myself too…and i am very grateful for this Journey …

LoveLetter ,, 2004 100x80 LOVE LETTER – Mixed Media on Wood, Panel , 100 x 80 x 5 cm , 2004 , August 2004 For Sale 

I had a car accident at August 1st, 2004 in croatia on the coast down from istria to croatia i wanted to have some holidays after an exhibition i had joined in venice with my former galerist from florence – i had a very busy schedule ongoing the past months of that year…and needed a few days off….great plan so far….

sudden – out of blue, this car incident happened – gratefully at one hand – that i were not injured so badly while another car crashed into mine ,  luckily nobody really injured that heavily  in the other car too;

But just  at this certain moment while this happened … it felt like someone from above insisted to grab my steering wheel and protected me at this life threatening moment, i never will loose this image , it stays within me – by that time –  i ” just ” hit a tree with my Van, while it slipped and crossed to the other side of the road…


CALLING, Mixed Media  on Paper, on Woodpanel, 70 x 50 x 3 cm, For Sale – 

A few days later back home in Germany/Bavaria at my parents home – i noticed that i was caught up in between 2 realities – i was walking tremendously slowly and i did not felt my feet on the ground, it felt  like walking on clouds , i realized  my Sense of Selfperception has been changing – i suddenly experienced my life , myself and people from a different perspective as it has have happened before – i felt, saw and noticed an energy in me and around me; people would call this being clairvoyant, by that time now – 12 years later – it feels „ normal „ to me , i am used to it and its nothing i am worry about…

I say by now – cause this moment then it happend was perfect directed,  i understood – that i have been  put onto the original place of mine ” again ” –   to observe, to  live and  to start my new life from this other perspective again…

Shortly after this incident – I did some counseling to get my feet on the ground, to be able to  face ” the so called outer reality again ” 😉 

The body of work i am creating since then , i instantly called it ” SERIES LOVE “….. a while after and due some very sensitive and ackknowledged Mentors – i understood , that this is my Expression of Divine Love – it  exist in me and within in each of us, as i can see and feel LOVE visually by now , it radiates and vibrates in and around us …

Through my artistic Being – my ” Energy of divine Love ” is put into a visual language …those who are in touch with, or call a piece of their own, or being surrounded with my artwork – they absorb the Energy too, it is  transmitted through the process of my Creation…

As you noticed – I were an abstract painter beforehand – the artwork i created from the former SERIES  Universe vs. Individuality which includes 33 artworks are yet very powerful and strong too – just different as with the  visual ” style ” i am noticed by now…

At this certain moment after the accident in august 2004, i were not able to paint abstract –  i just assumed, something has changed or/and uplifted…

sudden my brushes were laying in my hands and i did not know what to do next – i felt like wise  as my  ”   engine were turned  off ” –  i was tremendous scared, blocked and didn’t knew what is  ongoing with myself…

I knew i had to do something …  Simply i started to play  with colors, the materials and the only point i knew at this certain moment – i had to trust into this new process – step by step while not knowing, where this is going to lead me to.. from the abstract field which i felt secure and happy with and of course had ” sales happened ” and all floated well – i sudden have been put into a new ” Space / Realm ” which  opened up coincidentally – by the time  figurative images and drawings appeared and floated onto the canvas; I was shocked and astound at same time…  as i call my artwork since then semi-abstract – cause at first sight it is abstract through the color , the brush strokes and through the 2nd and 3rd sight/glace the ” other world and its energy behind ” appears , gains and  attracts visibility….

new life

THE NEW LIFE , mixed media on used wood crate , 75 x 49 cm, 8.2004, not for sale – 

I wish to show you several paintings which appeared first > called….” NEW LIFE ” , THE MESSAGE OF LOVE, CALLING , LOVE LETTER and i can commit – that I never ever would have been painting an artwork on purpose or putting images conscioulsy onto a paper or canvas- this was never ever my STYLE before….it just happens….

message of love

THE MESSAGE OF LOVE – Mixed Media on Canvas – 100 x 80 x 3 cm – not for sale –

Hence – it took me a long time to understand this new life of mine , the entire playful process and its development and within while the years passed by -all in all –  it enriches myself, my life due all the artwork which has been showing up since this ” heavenly ” Realm  and it has been enriching  others peoples life too…

the Series LOVE and its divine Energy will stay forever, while i am developing as my work has been developing too, i  state this clearly by now….

The other Work Series Quo Vadis 2010 and few other smaller Art Projects ” Happiness ” for example, Take Away Art Project ”  in between this entire Process, they just have been on my Journey too –  as they are my so called ” melting Points of Energy ” to increase, expand and to support my Main Energy of Divine Love – it is leading my way since then ….

I made > as i call it ” THE TRANSITION ” … from the external Space towards the Realm of my Self,  reconnecting to my Divine Source of Love which is within me and as i experience within in each of us existing…

triptych - transition 1

TRANSITION 1-3,  for sale

DUE to my  personal LIFE STORY
I just want to make a very ESSENTIAL point visible and  to bring across  > ” LOVE ” and its divine ENERGY is naturaly joyful and is  indeed a driving creative force …

  • IT keeps US physically alive and moves US through our Lifes…
  • WE > the Artists and all Creative Spirits on this beautiful earth 
  • I/WE are enriching each others Life as within our ARTWORK and the DEVELOPMENT which exist in ….
  • WE enriching the LIFE of OTHERS plus WE are precious Being

I´d like to see this influential and inspirational Statement more and more experienced in the WORLD of ART and within in social Interactions , that ” the Energy of Divine Love ” with-in in each of us as with-out each of us “rules and expands the World of Art and yet same time, that it infuses ”  Everyone ”  who is willing  to discover  Life and Art  in general,  guided and supported by its  own supreme Energy of Love.  Our Life is a Journey and an Adventure at the same time, and the spirit of discovery is planted within us – this Seed of Energy of Love grows and blooms as it is visible through my paintings on this Blogpost and on any other Artwork i have created since i followed my call – it leads my way and the steps i take… 


have a playful and sparkling Life.Journey surrounded by the Energy of Love 

Petronilla Hohenwarter



Images of the Artwork copyright by the Artist;




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und es erfüllt mich sehr, dass ich durch meine eigene Entwicklung andere d.h. Dich / Euch inspirieren kann und darf; vor allem durch meine Arbeit, die im Atelier passiert oder/und auf meinen Reisen. Emotionen, Farben, Strukturen, Pinsel- und Bleistiftstriche… ES kommt aus dem Unbewussten ins Bewusste, damit ich und so auch DU ES wahrnehmen, erblicken und erforschen können , don´t think – feel …
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