About LOVE and the Art  I create  

Following Souls Call isn’t often an easy Thing…
my Soul urges to gain Strength and  same time my Soul/ & my Heart surrenders  fragile and vulnerable….

The WORK SERIES LOVE seems pretty nice and soft as it comes along in sweet Colors  and Shapes and in  Strokes …well – just only  for a Moment or a Second so far….. just walk with me a bit deeper and follow the Essence of Love…

Real Love > A sweet Something ?  nope not really – that’s not the Truth…
To me……LOVE is a honest commitment within me to follow my Truth and to unfold my authentic Self in Love  and with Love – Love is fragile and same time firm and solely enriching

LOVE is a lifelong Process  and as more i surrender as more the pure Innocence of  the true &  pure Essence of Love arises and unfolds….

Series Love
The Innocence of Love
Mixed media on canvas
150x120x4 cm




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