KUNST am Puls der ZEIT 03

Hi Folks, Hallo Freunde,

ein weiteres Kunstwerk aus der Universe vs. Individuality Werkserie aus den Jahren 2002-2004  in Verbindung mit einigen bereichernden Gedankenimpulsen …

a former Artwork ( Universe vs. Individuality Series from 2002-2004 )  in Addition with some enriching thoughts/impulses and please use your own imagination alongside while  watching this Artwork…

my Thoughts/Impulses are…

The Human Being experienced as   ” Light.Source ”

  •  it  presupposes an active act  I + YOU > WE 
  • to live and to act without restriction and in social manner  is very affecting, fulfilling, enriching, energizing, enlightening, joyful , creates value and it appeals as profoundly attractive…

let.s  keep the LIGHT shining as natural Source of our HUMANKIND…

Cheers Petronilla Hohenwarter 




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