Chicago Artist Residency 10.2014

DSC_0024 eXubarance of LOVE in progress DSC_0032DSC_0053DSC_0061DSC_0021sins on skin in progress  DSC_0031



 VIDEO by Sergio Gomez / 33contemporary 



SLIDE SHOW of ” LOVE FALLS INTO PLACE “ / October 17th,  –  Nov 15th, 2014 




i like to share a few photos and a short story about my stay  in Chicago with 33contemporary Gallery at the Zhou B Art Center; 


I had the pleasure to stay in Sergio Gomez Studio on the lower Level of the centre and within 40-50 artists, who are located there; i arrived on october 1st and enjoyed staying with my very beloved long-term friend Connie Noyes, who is an excellent artist and a unique host for the chicago area through AirBnb;check it out….

DSC_0017Connie & Nigel and Persi and  a heartwarming welcome & support from sergio and yanina gomez / Gallery Owner of 33contemporary Gallery


i had an outstanding time in chicago – i didnt had any conceptual thoughts in  mind, when i arrived > …..what could be the theme of the residency and how the result should be…..” same procedure as usual ” …” that´s me “…..

the first days i searched for art supplies  in downtown and found 2 stores, got  paints and other material…  and with the ” support of my beloved artists friends like connie, sergio, mario i then were able to start on monday oct, 6th – i locked myself into the studio and kept working till oct.16th, wow what a blast ~ of course in between sleeping, eating,  being ” social ” … and very happy,  to create work which float tremendously easy without having any pressure sitting in my ” neck ” …gratefulness appeared very often during the process while i was in the studio……

the last brush stroke was made at 10pm at night, as also during the hanging on friday, 17th in the 33contemporary showroom of the lower level – a white cube space, which was an incubator for the work i have created;the working process was most of the time from 12am – 9pm , except 1 day on the 2nd weekend i  joined with several friends unique  art activities, like the pilsen art walk or opening of exhibitions, or any other private events in between .. …it´s about TIME…and indeed…i understood fully the meaning beyond this phrase…..MARIO thanks i am right there……..

DSC_0675  10702029_10152772446223905_8740316624761773898_n

due the Artist Month in Chicago …i had the chance to join the 10th year celebration of the Zhou B Art Center including meeting the Zhou Brothers in person and having a chance to talk with them…and of course the highlight of the peak performance while i was there, was  3rd Friday  ( Open Studios ) on each level of the center, at oct. 17th…red carpet VIP events were hold during this special week…



Artists at the Artist Banquette at the Ground Floor /  Hosted by the Zhou B Art Center 



Program October 17th,

on the Groundfloor the Zhou Brother Exhibition ” Feeling is Liberty was on show ” and the 2nd Floor an Exhibition was held and curated by Sergio Gomez ” Centerline ” plus i  joined the Group Show from 33contemporary Gallery at the Galleryroom on the Ground floor with a piece of work too – the first work i created was dedicated to this show of the gallery und the Chicago Artist Month Theme ” Crossing Borders ”  it suited perfectly… Work  called – Crossing Border for Art´s Sake – literally and phyiscally …i travelled from Germany to the States to create work and due this residency and the progess i  i realized afterwards – yes i´ve reached a new level and the last piece of work has shown me the process straight away....



Mixed Media on Woodpanel ,  31″ x 18″ , 10.2014 



one of a few Business Meeting with  Sergio Gomez and Yanina Gomez – this one – getting the PR Text ready – 


Opening: Friday, October 17, 2014

7 pm to 10 pm
33 Contemporary Gallery Showroom, Lower Level

till Nov 14th, 2014

German artist Petronilla Hohenwarter is a dedicated contemporary artist who has worked in the mediums of painting, drawing and digital work to communicate her view of the true Self to a global Community. Her work is highly energized, and is seen as a contemporary witness, it confirms – don’t think ~ just feel …

“Petronilla Hohenwarter’s work expresses a visual global language communicating strength, love, trust, loyalty, aliveness, awareness, energy, clarity, and vision. Values each one of us has within, and without. Her work is said to break down barriers. Some people call these barriers religions, philosophies, cultures or countries. Her work’s journey is to express the truth and authenticity each of us, as human beings possess. The colorful, emotional and pioneering ‘visual door openers’ found by studying Petronilla’s weighty catalogue of work lead us on an delightful expedition into our collective souls.” – Stuart Jolley, Filmmaker, Vienna

Petronilla Hohenwarter’s residency at 33 Contemporary Gallery will culminate with a solo exhibition featuring the works created during her stay in Chicago. The solo project reflects Chicago Artists Month’s theme of Crossing Borders. This is the first time that Petronilla’s series LOVE and QUO VADIS are showing together in one venue. These two series portray a philosophical statement which embraces the moment, the here and now, without limitations. LOVE encourages the viewers to stop and reflect upon the real meaning of this word. It gives the viewer the momentum of freedom. QUO VADIS reflects on our society and its focus on consumption rather than meeting the spiritual needs of one’s self and others. It encourages its viewers to access their own perceptions of the world and reclaim their integrity. The exhibition will take place at 33 Contemporary Gallery’s located in the lower level of the Zhou B Art Center.


10450841_10153383227520476_8479015274324313365_nthe outcome – the work i´ve been creating in 10 days were close to 30 paintings – such a joy and pleasure  to work nonstop and to experience that the artwork and its process has been floating easily and  the exhibition  without having any conceptual thoughts in mind merged organically together ~ it confirms again  ~  the artwork and the work in progress  ” happens ” and i was floating in the rhythm of the development…i very much trust into this individual & creative process – it is is one of the most powerful momentum…it floats as the moment passes by and being in this process is uplifting and breathtaking at same time…… the end –  the energy of the process becomes ” visible  ” and leads into the result of this latest exhibition in chicago during the October Artist Months….” Crossing Borders ” ….for my ownSELF it was an exciting, exuberant, peaceful, outstanding, pleasant,  delightful experience . my heart was radiating in bliss and filled with joy, pleasure and love



by Petronilla Hohenwarter 10.2014

ArtWork available at 33contemporary Gallery  / Chicago 



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