LOVE happens…

LOVE happens….by Petronilla HohenwARTer  

Solo Exhibition at the WGPGallery in DE-94032 Passau , Steiningergasse 2

Impressions Inauguration July 17th >   Artist Manager Elisabeth Wallner from Pablo & Paul Gallery /  Munich / Music Trio > Peter Köppl/Saxophon, Thomas Krispin/Violine, Sebastian Ambrosius/Melophon ( around 40 invited guests joined the opening )  

Impressions > Kunstnacht Passau 2014 July 18th ( open for the public  from 7pm – 2am more then 1000 People have been visiting the Exhibition ) ArtistTalk > July 24th, 6pm , Opening Hours > July, 21 – 27th 4-8pm


For a ” mutual ”  Understanding…I am LIVING my LIFE in and with LOVE, it is the only way  to LIVE LIFE to the FULLEST

I dont ” separate ”  myself into two parts… personal being and artist being…

When I paint, it is done 100% by me as Petronilla, my research on  love… it is an experience and a discovery in me, around me and through the social environment to live my  life with and in love is the real guidance and overcomes all the obstacles i had experienced till now…

this sentence/thoughts explains it …

LOVE is around and LOVE happens it takes courage to love oneself unconditionally, but it is the only way to love and be loved unconditionally….. 

the FIRST STEP, is often the deepest + hardest > to love oneself unconditionally…

Love is in me, it floats in me, Love is with you, it floats in you, Love is in us, it floats in us……

Discover your LOVE, feel it, live it …See you Petronilla 

PLEASE dont copy or share any of these pics without asking – copyright petronilla hohenwarter – thanks !!! 



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