To YOU all ,

I hereby would like to pass on a very positive message i received surprisingly a month ago – these are those unexpected messages and moments and it confirms my artistic work, my career, the belief in this path plus all actions and activities at the cultural level i´ve done in the past – it is a personal honor and I am very pleased to obtain an appreciation and recognition from my home region Freyung -Grafenau .

SELF-PORTRAIT 100x100 cm 10.2009Love / Self-Portrait 100x100x3 cm, mixed media on canvas / courtesy of the artist 

The Kulturkreis Freyung -Grafenau e.V. ( the managing committee of Dr. Claus Kappl , first Chairman , Dr. Ursula Diepolder 2 Chairman and Managing Director Mr. Alois Seidl ) honors my outstanding artistic work with the Cultural  Price  2014 with a certification and a medaille. 

The Honoration will be hold next year on Feb, 28th, 2015;

Since the beginning of my artist career i have met many wonderful people, who were and still are loyal advocates, mentors, supporters on a regional , national and international level ; all of them plus my dearest friends, collegues and family are part of my artistic movement and its development; thanks for being with me for so long on this artistic path.

I am delighted to share this wonderful and happy news with you

Much Love
STUDIO > Bannholzstrasse 36, 94065 Waldkirchen, Germany

Quo Vadis Nr 61 Mischtechnik auf Kulturmagazin, 31,5 x 21,5 cm, 2014QUO VADIS Nr. 62, mixed media on used culture magazine, 2014





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