to experience and to discover the adventure of

YOUR HUMAN BEing through  ART  – a unqiue Experience to discover


due my ” profession ” as  artist, i´ve got  the ” honour “  to ” paint ” and to BE during this process –  most of it to be IN TOUCH with, to be SIMPLE SAJA, to be UNIVERSAL as to be INDIVIDUAL, to be HAPPY and to be in LOVE while being QUO VADIS……


all of this is pART of my LIFE – it´s my BEing – i´d like to send out a CALL – a rememberance for YOU,  I am very much grateful to those > the ART.LOVERS and LIFE.OPTIMIZERS, the ones, who burst with CURIOSITY to discover their Moments to be in touch with, to be simple saja, to be universal as individual, to be happy, to be in love with , to be quo vadis….this is the  MOMENTUM to discover yours by yourSELF …

inflammed ~  just get in touch by Email – .thanks + sunny moments … petronilla

Momentum of Love 70x50x5cm, 2009

MOMENTUM of LOVE, 70x50x5cm, mixed media,  Reliefwork, copyright P.H. 



2 thoughts on “to experience and to discover the adventure of

  1. And I love all the posts in this blog really interesting touch words, thank you friend 🙂

    • Dear Gede Prama, thank you very much for liking my page as also the other articles i have been writing; it feels heartwarming yto read your journey on your blog; bali is my spiritual place there my journey has begun ; my art development has started in indonesia , the experiences i made and the wisdom i have gained through my heart during the past years… sending you love and happiness petronilla 🙂

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