by PETRONILLA HOHENWARTER`S  JOURNEY of LIFE > which is reflected by and with her body of WORK, from 1997 till now   

Hi Folks, 

a story of INSPIRATION & UNDERSTANDING plus  never loose your Curiosity to discover the Voice in your Heart, it will lead you to places you have never been before…* SMILE * 

I wanna tell YOU a personal story >  my VIEW of UNDERSTANDING what´s LIFE all about  , and what it could bring to you IF…..>  it is a Story about my own personal LIFE EXPERIENCE and JOURNEY which started exactly on July 15th , 20 years ago…



first i like to describe what i´ve done to become this person i am now including the art i am creating…

and 2nd part is,  to see/reflect which STEP is really needed to LIVE the DREAM of LIFE 

I experience  a dream just can become real, while we/i stand 100% behind and go for this step which is needed….

the only thing which matters most in my life and still is as it drives me,  that my first keypoint of change was made at 1993 >  i was encouraged enough to JUMP out of a system i have discovered for a while, which was good – i  still feel very grateful for all this experienc i got through this system of being employed and working in the field of pedagogy, but at the END – it was just not made for me and my desire – there was something more which awaits me,  to ” expand and to discover “….

I  could describe this process, which started to listen to myself >   i felt the heartbeat in me, which got ” louder and louder “, till i could not ” repress that ” call in me ” anymore “….

due to this 
i felt a longing in my soul / heart and i started to listen this too, i understood at this time little > most of it was – what will be happend to me when i JUMP and what will this new direction  bring to me and to which places that will lead me to…( it was good that i didnt knew all of it…. )  

the only thing i KNEW at this certain stage at 1992 till 1993 and what i´ve i experienced over this period of time  > well something isn´t ” right anymore “, it didnt felt good anymore with the life i had;  due to this ” feeling ” which i looked into it for a while ” i then started to finish a chapter of my life and i was ready to set  myself free …

I then started traveling for a few years , worked in between and i then came across to indonesia – the real ” JOURNEY to me has then begun and it really  become alive “…

I got in touch with students out there and got involved in a world which was entirely new to me and of course also the world of art , which is the main ” field ” i am playing since then

YES I AM  ” caught up ” in this WORLD, which  i LOVE > by free choice made by my heart ” 

after this 2nd important step in 1997  > I let ART rule – YES it plays the most important Part in my Life and this has developed and shaped myself as also the work i am creating over the past 16 years >  

I learned and experienced a lot and the discovery / adventure is NOT over yet , thats for sure > to express this in words or in one painting – this would not fill one sheet of paper or one canvas..just  take a look and get an impression whats all about > 

i invite you to start to experience the WORLD of ART  i am living in 


I live the LIFE i have ever dreamed off and it makes me HAPPY SMILING  to see that this ” change of perspective and development ” has brought a giant TREASURE to me , which is important to acknowledge, to accept, to love and to reflect beside the development which exist in – to feel honoured and blessed same way – all in all > it provides a better UNDERSTANDING where i was, what i have done and how i wish to continue and to move on…. 

DONT FORGET >  at the END of the DAY and this REALLY  MATTERS on this JOURNEY –  that I made the JUMP  > what has this brought to me, some of the pple ask me on and on….below the answer…

I FEEL FREE and FREEDOM is my state of mind/heart/soul – it delivers a VALUE which sets me free –  it is a never ending story – visible in the work which i ” am creating ” and its transformed during the work  >  it enriches my LIFE and it nourish my SOUL…

hey you - i am a free spirit

It is worth personally, to follow this ” walk.about ” AND  often it seems – i am caught up in a ” JUNGLE ” and i dont know how and where i shall make the next step….it´s a challenge, yes of course it is – over and over again –


OVERALL > I  have to say >  THIS STATE of MIND , to BE FREE > has nothing to do with the WORLD or PEOPLE around me > they gave me ” Impulses & Support ” , the COURAGE  and the step to change the direction / perspective i have had to do….this is the KEYPOINT ….

WE / HUMANS can talk a lot about doing it, changing, jumping, IF WE REALLY DEEPLY FEEL THE NEED OR / AND DESIRE, PASSION to do it – we WILL MAKE IT while  ACCEPTING all Implications which are existing during this ” new walkabout ” and often not big issues are needed,  to change the direction – its more about ” self.perception >  to notice, to listen, to understand and to change or as i say to develop yourSELF ” –

I AM  walking since 1993 o this ” trail ” , some of the peaks are fantastic and easy to climb, some of them are really tough and heavy work – it is not ” always a sunny bright shiny road – therefore to experience LIFE in TOTAL – it is much easier to handle it from this point of view having no expectations how it could be – this is an illusion and it can bring more pain and suffer,  as it could WHILE we are leaving  this ” expectations behind ” …

DSC_0788  DSC_0855

AND  i dont talk ONLY about creating artworks > the bigger picture i am taking about is not measured in the scale of an artwork…

the MEANING  of this PHRASE > it includes the entire LIFE, which i am living now, I AM on a TRAIL and the VIEW is getting better and better

in total – the summary is –  as the years are passing by >  there are definitly many master pieces on the road, there will be NO FINAL piece existing , during the past years i learned essential bits – all of the STEPS i made and i am going to make are forming my soul, my mind and my body >  i am perfectly aware that the LIFE i live is a treasure as it is for the ones, who are with me ….

IS it WORTH  to EXPERIENCE all of this ???  yes it is – that´s  the ANSWER

it  adds tremendous VALUE towards my LIFE plus  one skill i have found in me – the acceptance to be able to leave the comfortzone …

due this process , it shows that i never really know what´s coming next > i just have to prepare myself for this steps > physically, mentally and spiritually …

TRUST is the basic for me  on this ” personal trail ”  ~ to trust mySELF first within my intuition, this is the most essential part – to take care and to face it , and as i mention before – to take care on the physical and mental capacity and to develop it over a period of time …

the People i meet on the Trail >  i have started to listen my Heart – whom i can trust and from whom i shall better  keep the fingers away….it´s based on experiences and i am still learning through the exercises i receive > the world is full of people –  it  reflects a very colourful world / our human.being > all colours are reflected – as you can discover this through the work series i have developed over a period of time  >

I had today the INTENTION   to share my ” story with you ”  ~it is for those

who dont know me personally that well – it is for a BETTER UNDERSTANDING, guided by the HEART > its about ME and the ART i am creating >  it is  always WORTH to experience and to get to know the PERSON behind the WORK he/she ” creates ” / he/she does >

I AM INSPIRED by PEOPLE who have lost their COMFORTZONE and are walking on their own personal TRAIL ~ as i also KNOW that i INSPIRE YOU as well,  that´s  the Circle of Life ~ O ~

ALL in ALL as you have experienced –  i keep walking on MY TRAIL > another Peak, which i have chosen now, awaits ME to climb , it will take me to some other POINTS of INTERESTS, PLACES, VIEWS, PEOPLE , which is worth to discover….at least for ME….* SMILE *

LOVE & SUNSHINE and LISTEN your HEART it shows you the DIRECTION
keep yourself inspired and never loose your Curiosity >  * PETRONILLA * 

btw > i am not an english native 🙂 i have decided  to write this post in english that more people are able to read the story  >


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